Should I display my alarm sign or go incognito ?

adt yard signThis questions comes up from time to time. The whole point of having a deterrent alarm sign in front of our house is to let the world know your home is protected with a security system. Thieves case out the neighbors and streets all the time. Even rural areas. While I certainly hope they do not rob anyone, the chances of your home being considered a target goes down considerably with a deterrent or warning sign. Of course having an alarm sign in front of your home is not 100% zero fail.

I’ll tell you the story of a customer down in Corpus Christi, Texas who I signed up for an alarm system. Just two weeks after we sold and installed him an alarm system with ADT Security monitoring he had a break in !

He said his alarm was armed and his ADT sign was boldly displayed out in front of his house. The siren went off and ADT notified him while dispatching the police. The Police showed up in about 5 minutes and the burglars were nowhere to be found. They more than likely took off after the siren activated. He called me up to tell me how impressed he was that his security system did its job !

So that just goes to show you that just having a sign out there doesn’t always mean you’re are free from break ins. As a policy, we at AUS Inc. do not give away or even sell an alarm sign unless a customer signs up with us for monitored service.

Another situation that I’ve heard through my customers regarding alarm signs is that some insurance companies discourage homeowners from showcasing an alarm sign in front of their homes.
I have not heard this in a while but I did hear about this notion back a few years ago when 90% of the alarm systems were connected through a phone line. Some insurance companies feared that if home owners displayed an alarm deterrent sign it would be a cue for burglars to head straight for the phone lines and cut them, thereby preventing the alarm system from sending out signals to the alarm company. Well, I see their point but I think it does more harm than good to not show that your home is protected. Most burglars realize that alarms make noise (siren) and call the police (by the alarm’s monitoring staff).

In today’s world I can accurately guesstimate that only 40% of households with alarm systems are connected through a phone line. It seems now more and more accounts (no matter what company you are with) are going with a primary wireless cell radio as the means to transmit signals to the alarm companies. With a cell radio, the phone lines are not connected in anyway, so if they get cut, it won’t have an effect on the alarm system.

So placing a deterrent alarm sign in front of your home is not a problem. Especially if you have a cell radio as your back up or primary means of sending out alarm signals. If your security system is still using the standard phone line connection that is no problem, it will work just fine. In an earlier blog I listed some things homeowners can do to prevent their phone lines from being cut or tampered with.

If you are in the state of Texas we can help you with an alarm package that includes a cell radio. Please visit the site here and browse thought the alarm packages. Our ADT Pulse packages are also wireless and you can interact with your alarm with full control through your smart phone or computer.

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