Here are other ways to protect your assets besides just doors and windows.

In this blog we’ve discussed how alarm systems can protect your doors and windows and monitor for fire and carbon monoxide. But did you know we’ve had some folks order security systems for other reasons, and they’re not so unusual but rather, creative. Liquor Lockers, barcabinet etc. Gun cases or cabinets

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve signed rough and tough men up for alarm systems because they just had their gun stolen. That’s right, most of the time break ins occur while you’re NOT home. So gun dealers, hunters, take notice of the following additional uses for owning an alarm system that is monitored.

And yes I am sure the gun owners can take care of themselves while they are home, no doubt, but monitored alarm systems are the best when you are away from the home. Dogs are great too, to a degree. I will post another blog on how dogs can be your best friend to a limit.

But the above notion attributes to my first example. I signed a guy up in south Texas one time who got the alarm primarily for his gun cabinet. We can use a wireless battery powered contact to attach to the gun cabinet so that every time the door swings open, it will produce a chime on the keypad. If you have a voice descriptor / announcer on your keypad you can even hear every time the gun cabinet comes open. Like this: “beep beep, ZONE 4 – Gun”. And when the alarm is armed and the gun cabinet is breached, a siren goes off and signals go to the monitoring station (in his case ADT Home Security). And the gentleman will get advised that it was his gun cabinet that initiated the alarm. Of course if the home is configured properly the alarm will go off sooner if entry is made through a door or window. Sometimes windows are not contacted with individual zones. Many homes rely on a motion sensor installed in the dining room or living room. So if a burglar broke into a window in a bedroom and never come out of that bedroom (to only steal the guns from the gun cabinet) then having a wireless contact on the gun cabinet would really pay off. And don’t forget, if you subscribe to ADT Pulse, you can receive a text message alert that your gun cabinet has been opened.

Another use: Liquor Lockers !

Or liquor cabinets. Same principle applies as the gun cabinet. Nothing like going out on a date with your spouse and getting a phone call from ADT (or whoever your monitoring company is) and being told that someone activated your liquor cabinet. Uh oh, kids ! Or heaven help us, the babysitter.

Another added use for your alarm system is to install contacts (hardwired or wireless) on outdoor closets or storage units on the doors and or windows. Lots of men (and women) have shops and man caves, artist rooms, sewing rooms etc. If the building is detached from the house, a wireless contact might can reach the perimeter as long as it’s less than 100 feet away. If you have a tool shop that is, let’s say, two hundred feet away, the alarm company would have to either install a repeater to ensure the signal can reach the location or do a drop bury of a line underground. That’s why we at America’s Ultimate Security can offer Texas customers free consultations for unique requests like these.

shedIf you have a shed and it not more than 75 feet away you might can place a wireless door transmitter on a shed door or window. It helps if the shed isn’t made of all aluminum or steel. Consult with your technician before purchasing a contact for a shop or shed as they can better assess your situation. But they are nice to have. If someone opens the door you can hear an alert chime inside your home. If your keypad has a voice descriptor it can announce ” SHED DOOR” …. so you know your door just came open, whether it be an authorized person opening it, an UNauthorized person, or perhaps the wind blowing the door open.

OK and finally another use for your alarm system is Safes. Yes believe it or not some people still don’t trust banks. They keep valuables, jewelry and money in safes at homes. It wouldn’t hurt to add a contact to the safe so if the safe door swings open the alarm will chime locally in the house. If the alarm system is ARMED, and the contact is breached on the safe, your local siren will go off and the alarm company can notify you and can have the Police on their way.
I had a customer in central Texas one time get an alarm system installed (monitored by ADT) not because she lived in a bad neighborhood, but because she had a chest full of gold coins that were extremely valuable. She was estranged from her son who hung out with a bad crowd and they all knew about the treasure in her home. So we made sure we installed a motion sensor in that room with the treasure chest and installed a perimeter contact on it as well. Mission accomplished.

If you can think of another use for using an alarm system I’s love to hear it. Please post a comment below.

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