Tutorial Video: How to Remove and Replace a Honeywell™ 5816 wireless door sensor

Did your wireless door contact fall off ? Replacing a door ?

If you are a do-it your-selfer and want to avoid a service call from the alarm company then why not remove and replace the wirless door sensor yourself?

In this video I will demonstrate the right way on how to do that and also how to properly align the magnet.
still frame

This wireless door sensor happens to be the Honeywell™ 5816 door contact.
5816They can also be used for windows too. I’ve seen them on gun cabinets, liquor lockers and other doors.

Other types of wireless alarm sensors could also be removed and replaced in a similar fashion.

The step by step process can be found on my website by clicking here.

Or just go straight to my Honeywell™ Lynx Plus alarm training Training Page that also offers other Tutorials.

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